About Us

Desert Star Plastics is a full service, acrylic plastic fabrication and manufacturing company. We have delivered quality plastic products since 1972, ranging from our standard stock items to custom designed.

At Desert Star Plastics we are ready to work with you to design, develop and produce high quality plastic products that will meet and exceed your expectations. In the plastic fabrication process we use regular acrylic, Lexan®, Styrene, Sintra®, ABS, Plexiglas®, and various other types of plastics.

There is no limit to what we are willing to do for our valued customers. We can take your blueprint or "sketch on a napkin" and turn it into a superior quality plastic product. If you want to get a better feel and see your newly designed plastic product, we can fabricate a prototype. You can take it one step further and individualize all your plastic products. At Desert Start Plastics we can embed your company name, logo or motto to distinguish your product and bring uniqueness to you business.

We work with many different sizes of items and projects. The smallest item is being Lexan® objects around 2 inches in diameter and one of the largest is 10 feet bent panels. We produce our products in quantity varies from one to thousands.

We employ cutting-age technologies in rapid prototyping. Our 3D printing capabilities enable you to see your drawings turn to reality. With our ability to print complex 3-dimensional shapes with precise measurements you can see end-results in hours. Along with other services, we provide precision cutting, Laser engraving, CNC machining, CNC routing in 2D and 3D on a broad range of plastic materials.

We also offer a full line of acrylic and Plexiglas® plastic stock items for food industries, biotechnology and high tech industries, as well as for fundraisings, trade shows and special events. We also fabricate plastic items used in publishing, real estate and general business, and for special collector's interests. Our line of acrylic plastic products include: sign holders, product displays, food bins, meat or pastry boxes, candy dispensers, sneeze guards, table tents, donation boxes, ballot boxes, literature holders and racks, dust covers, picture frames, collector's boxes, and much more.

We continuously maintain high standards for all our products, distinguishing us from our competitors in the acrylic plastic industry. Our concern for safety makes us proud to craft products that meet and exceed the requirements of USDA.

We value all of our customers and we work to provide full satisfaction in all aspects of working with us. For many years, Desert Star Plastics has been supplying high quality acrylic plastic products not only to the Southwest region, but also to businesses nation-wide. We ship across the entire continent of North America and work with customers from Europe and Asia.