Desert Star Plastics is a full service, acrylic plastic fabrication and manufacturing company. We are located in the Phoenix Valley of the Sun, in beautiful Arizona. Since 1972 we delivered standard stock and custom designed products, ranging from sign and brochure holders, ballot and donation boxes, literature racks and chart holders, to custom technological and art projects, CNC router and 3D printed items.

We offer a full line of acrylic (Plexiglas®) plastic stock items for food industries, retail as well as for trade shows, fundraisers, and special events. Our line of acrylic plastic products include: sign holders, product displays, food bins, meat or pastry boxes, candy dispensers, sneeze guards, table tents, donation boxes, ballot boxes, literature holders and racks, dust covers, picture frames, collector’s boxes, and much more.

We have been custom fabricating a wide variety of products, starting from simple products for individuals, and ending with much complex objects for industry projects. We value all of our customers and we work to provide full satisfaction in all aspects of working with us. For many years, Desert Star Plastics has been supplying high quality acrylic plastic products not only to the Southwest region, but also to businesses nation-wide. We ship across the entire continent of North America and work with customers from Europe and Asia.

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