Cut to size

Come to buy your plastic to the shop. We will cut it to size.

Regular square cuts are done while you are waiting (about 15 minutes).

Special cuts like radius, circle, special shape: check with us for the lead time.

Limitation: DSP carries the regular clear acrylic/Plexiglass plastic, ABS, polycarbonate in different thickness. However, if you are looking for colors, textures or odd thickness, thank you to call us at 602 340 1236

“Cut to size” means that we cut, but please be aware that the saw may leave marks on the edges. If you’re looking for a plastic panel with no saw marks, we can do it, but depending on the level of quality you desire, we will need to do some extra work steps. This part of the job is not considered “cut to size” and cannot be done on the spot.

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