Honor boxes/charity

Honor boxes

These boxes are really successful to support a charity project. You provide a mint candy as a thank you for the donation. One compartment is for the money, one for the candy.

Do not provide big and/or expensive candies/snacks, which will increase the abuse and the need of maintenance.

Don’t Make the Box Too Complicated

This affects access for donors and the people who have to empty them. Keep in mind donations can add up quickly so you’ll want volunteers to be able to empty the donation boxes conveniently.

 Difficult locks or oversized, complicated displays are discouraging and time-consuming. The same thing goes for donors – they should be able to tell at a glance it’s a donation box and reach it easily.(VISIT coolplastic.com)

Do Offer Something in Return

Place a small brochure, stickers, information about your organization/ charity, or some other takeaway item next to your donation box as a “thank you” to donors. This thoughtful gesture will lend validity to your cause and give you some free publicity. It can also help spread the word about your need for donations.

Fundraising through the Honor box system is an efficient way to remind the community about some charity need without harassing it. The box is there. You feel appeal by the cause or not, but nobody here to push or judge. It’s a peaceful choice.

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