Die cutting is the general process of using a die to shear webs of low-strength materials, such as rubber, fiber, foil, cloth, paper, corrugated fiberboard, paperboard, plastics, pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, foam and sheet metal. In the metalworking and leather industries, the process is known as clicking and the machine may be referred to as a clicking machine.When a dinking die or dinking machine is used, the process is known as dinking. Commonly produced items using this process include gaskets, labels, corrugated boxes, and envelopes. Die cutting started as a process


Vacuum Forming

VACUUM FORMING Vacuum forming process is a simplified version of thermoforming, where a sheet of plastic is heated to a forming temperature, stretched onto a single-surface mold, and forced against the mold by a vacuum. This process can be used to form plastic into permanent objects such as turnpike signs and protective covers. Normally draft

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Plastic Fabrication

The acrylic fabrication process is a very clean, detail-oriented way of manufacturing acrylic. There are virtually no defects due to manufacturing. Fabricating acrylic by hand will eliminate the relief marks and/or blue haze you would get with injection molded pieces. There are four main steps when creating a custom fabricated piece – Cut, Bend, Glue,

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Donation Boxes

What Are Honor Boxes?We wanted to take a moment to cover the topic of “honor boxes” There are many similar names for this, but the basic concept is the same. So what is an honor box and why would you want to get involved with such a thing? Let us explain:An honor box is basically

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