Line bending / Drape Forming

Line Bending

As the name implies, a Strip Heater is a heating source which is shielded in such a way that only a narrow strip is exposed. In modern Strip Heaters the heat source is usually a length of Nichrome Wire but older machines may use a Infra-red El

Drape Molding

The sheet of Acrylic can be heated in the plastics oven as above or small pieces heated with a Hot Air Gun – experiment to find the right temperature and be careful not to overheat the plastics : this will cause bubbling and eventual melting.

Use oven gloves or similar when handling the hot Acrylic sheet and simply ‘drape’ it over a pre-prepared mold.

Minor adjustments can be made throughout using a Hot Air Gun to maintain molding temperature and an extended molding time can be achieved if the mold is first pre-heated.

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